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Insurance Design is focused on tailored insurance solutions. Functional and appropriate cover is our aim and we work alongside business owners and individuals assessing their individual needs rather than providing a one size fits all solution.

Anthony Gobbie BCom BSC – Director

Anthony has 24 years experience in the insurance industry and has worked with a wide number of clients with differing needs. He has multiple degrees including a BCom in Finance and Economics from Auckland University and has experience in working in one of the country’s top life insurance brokerages where he became a partner. Anthony’s strengths are in recommending and implementing the appropriate insurance plan for both business and individual clients, and then networking these clients for their mutual benefit.

Philip Gobbie BCom CA – Director

Philip has been involved in the insurance industry for over 15  years. Having experienced the trials and tribulations of incorrectly structured insurance in the past has given Philip more insight than most advisers and added strength to the solutions he recommends. Philip is a qualified Chartered Accountant and an asset to the group in the Business Assurance area. Philip has strength in working with clients to establish likely financial impacts at claim time.

Dave Springer Director

David has been involved in the insurance industry since the day he left school, dealing with everything from claims to preparation of major accounts. Dave’s huge experience of policy detail is a key strength to the business, allowing us to provide a high level of scrutiny to the proposed insurance recommendation, not only in understanding the details of coverage and claims, but just as importantly, how the claim process can be streamlined.

Mark Jefferies Director

Mark has been involved in the insurance industry for the past 25 years, and over this time his desire to see business and individuals have adequate insurance cover has continued to strengthen. A particular passion is the Business Continuance Plan that he believes every business should have in place to make sure they are not one of the many that struggle or fail at claim time.